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Over 25 years experience. Put your Feet and Nails in our hands!

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Nail fungus is an extremely common condition affecting up to 10-12%
of the Australian population. Call now and kill nail fungus today!


Podiatry Consultation


  • Concession – $75
  • Standard – $90


  • Concession – $70
  • Standard – $85

Laser Consultation Fee: $120

Initial consultation includes baseline nail photos, medical debridement of infected nails, treatment pack and assessment of fungal infection for medical laser treatment.

Laser Treatment: From $400 – $2000 depending on severity of fungal infection as assessed by our registered podiatrists.

This includes:

  • 4 therapeutic doses of laser to infected nails.

Our Practice prides itself on aggressively treating the nail fungus. As the infection is highly contagious, and to help avoid re-infection we are offering a reduced fee for any partners requiring laser treatment.

This reduced fee is 25% off the normal Laser treatment price.

You will be treated by our experienced Podiatrist who will take a complete Initial Consultation including appropriate treatment plan. The consultation will also include all preparations required for the laser treatment. This will normally involve appropriate toe nail trimming and medical burring. We provide unbiased, medical based advice on the suitability of any laser treatment.

Do all of my nails need treating?

Yes! Fungal spores can be hidden within nails that look un-affected. At Gold Coast Nail Laser Clinic we treat all nails to give an improved success rate. It also reduces the likelihood of re-infection.

Can I go back to work or play sport?

Our medical laser is non-invasive and doesn’t require a recovery period. Patients are free to continue their normal day to day activities after the laser treatment.

What happens if treatment doesn’t work?

Clinical evidence shows that treatment is successful in 70-85% of cases after the standard 4 therapeutic doses of laser. The Gold Coast Nail Laser Clinic offers further laser treatments at a discounted price should they be required.

Can the nail re-infect?

Fungal infections can return like any other infection. Our Podiatrists will offer advice on reducing the likelihood of re-infection. It is extremely important to follow these guidelines.

Private Health Rebates?

Health Insurance policies vary considerably. Most Health funds with podiatry cover will pay a rebate. We can give you the codes to check with your health fund provider.

Who Administers the Treatment?

Our professionally trained Podiatrists provide the consultation and oversee the Laser treatment.

Why Medical Laser Treatment?

This is the latest technology in fighting nail fungal infection. This treatment enables our patients to avoid oral and topical medications which are known to be less effective than laser treatment based on clinical trials.

What can I expect from The Gold Coast Nail Laser Clinic?

Clinical studies have showed a 70-85% improvement with the standard 4 therapeutic doses of laser. We only offer laser after taking a full patient history, clinically diagnosing the fungal infection and explaining the process of the laser treatment with our patients.